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So #YouTube isn’t letting us upload videos. Check @djmonopoli for more info.

A new picture from terabrite's official Instagram! Find the picture on Instagram HERE.
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A screen cap of our channel with the new "Popular" channels widget. Notice how we have under 1,000,000 subscribers.

Concerning YouTube One Feature: “Related” and “Popular” Widget

I discovered something very concerning about one of the new features in the new YouTube One design.
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Never Make Eye Contact While Eating a Banana

Never Make Eye Contact While Eating a Banana Kali read something on Facebook that said "Never make eye contact while eating a banana" and she ...
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Like a Princess Viral Hit by Double Take Girls

‘Like A Princess’ Another Viral Double Take Hit Single?

Double Take AKA the "Hot Problems girls" are at it again with yet another masterpiece (video below), except this time they are uploading it on ...
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What Tech Does TeraBrite Use for YouTube?

httpv:// We are on the latest LockerGnome video explaining our tech choices! We have been ...
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feb 14 thumb

February 14th I Love You by TeraBrite

httpv:// February 14 is a very special day for us, and considering you're watching this video, it is for you ...
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