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Happy Flappy Bird Parody

Pharrell Williams – “Happy” PARODY (Flappy Bird)

A Flappy Bird parody of "Happy" by Pharrell Williams with FlappyBird sounds for drums and all of your favorite YouTubers. If this video doesn't ...
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Mini Minotaur Tutorial

How to Play Mini Minotaur Song by Toby Turner (TOBUSCUS) – Rhythm Guitar Tabs & Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial complete with tabs on how to play the rhythm guitar for the Mini Minotaur Song by Toby Turner (TOBUSCUS). Enjoy! Find ...
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I Can Swing My Sword

How to Play I Can Swing My Sword by Toby Turner
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safety torch tutorial

Safety Torch by Toby Turner – Acoustic Version Chords Tutorial Safety Torch Chords (Standard tuning - Capo 6th Fret) Em7 e|---|---|---|---|---| B|---|---|--...
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Ask Jacob #2 – #AskJacob Questions!

Don’t forget to ask Jacob questions in the comments!
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Hot Problems

Hot Problems – Official Double Take Parody

httpv:// We made a parody of the latest viral internet sensation ...
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