A Flappy Bird parody of “Happy” by Pharrell Williams with FlappyBird sounds for drums and all of your favorite YouTubers. If this video doesn’t make you happy and/or want to play Flappy Birds again I don’t know what will.

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The drum sounds are from FlappyBird!

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Pharrell Williams – “Happy” PARODY (Flappy Bird) LYRICS:

It might seem crazy what I’m bout to play
The app is on, I’ll never get away
I’m a small pixelated bird with a heavy face
In the air, like I don’t care there’s a pipe in the way

(The bird is flappy)
Tap the screen if you feel that flappy bird needs a boost
(My timing’s crappy)
Smashing into pipes all day I hope this flappy bird breaks a tooth
(Gravity hates me)
Somehow all your clostest friends have a much higher score than you
(My score is slacking)
It’s a trap, there’s no turning back, there’s no exit button that’s the truth

Broke my high sore, better screen cap
I promise you I didn’t Photoshop that
I post it up on my facebook timeline
No offense to you, don’t waste your time
Here’s Mine

(The bird is flappy)
it’s the game that you play when you’re on the toilet taking a poop
(My timing’s crappy)
Smashing into pipes all day this evil bird is a trooper
(Gravity hates me)
Flap your wings if you think that flappy bird is a douche
(My score is slacking)
The only app installed on your phone that is constantly making you cuss

(Flappy) You took it down
Why would you
(Flappy) take it down without a proper goodbye
(Flappy) You took it down. Would you please specify
(Flappy) why you took it down
Oh well I’m tapping now
(Tapping tapping tapping tapping) can’t bring me down
Can’t nothing
(I’m glad I still have the flappy bird app – ey) Bring me down
My score is too high
(Tapping tapping tapping tapping) to bring me down
Oh wait there’s something in my eye
Can’t bring me down

(The bird is flappy)
A city in the distance, but you better not get caught looking at the view
(My timing’s crappy)
Focus on your mission which is dodging green pipes made by King Koopa
(Gravity hates me)
Is it day or night, and is this bird orange, red, or blue?
(Angry Birds are happy)
Flappy Bird was #1 now that it’s gone it is old news

Pharrell Williams – “Happy” Parody (Flappy Bird) – Directed by DJ Monopoli & Sabrina Abu-Obeid
Pharrell Williams – “Happy” Parody (Flappy Bird) – Edited by Sabrina Abu-Obeid & DJ Monopoli
Pharrell Williams – “Happy” Parody (Flappy Bird) – Written by DJ Monopoli
Pharrell Williams – “Happy” Parody (Flappy Bird) — Producers: DJ Monopoli & Sabrina Abu-Obeid
Pharrell Williams – “Happy” Parody (Flappy Bird) — Coordinator: DJ Monopoli & Sabrina Abu-Obeid
Pharrell Williams – “Happy” Parody (Flappy Bird) — DP: DJ Monopoli & Sabrina Abu-Obeid
Pharrell Williams – “Happy” Parody (Flappy Bird) — Gaffer: DJ Monopoli & Sabrina Abu-Obeid
Pharrell Williams – “Happy” Parody (Flappy Bird) – Sound Engineer: DJ Monopoli