Double Take Like a Princess

A screen shot from one of the few party scenes from Double Take's new music video "Like a Princess"

Double Take AKA the “Hot Problems girls” are at it again with yet another masterpiece (video below), except this time they are uploading it on their very own channel

It appears this is their first attempt at actually joining the YouTube community as YouTubers and not just viral video sensations. To that we say, welcome Double Take Girls, welcome!

If you have no idea who these girls are, they recently released a video that went viral in the same way ‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black went viral called ‘Hot Problems’ in which they explain the struggles of being Hot. You should probably watch that one first:


And we did a parody of it:


Yesterday, they e-mailed us to tell us that they like our parody and to point out that they have a new song. Sounds like they want a sequel to me. Anyway, without further ado, here is Double Take’s new music video ‘Like A Princess’:

What do you think?

Do you think this one will go viral as well? Should we parody this one too, or maybe even just cover it with a TeraBrite spin? Leave your comments and suggestions below! <3