The De-Articulator App vs Rhett and Link Speech Jammer App

Hey everyone, DJ here. We are in need of some suggestions about a little predicament my dad is in regarding his awesome invention “The De-Articulator.” Please read the entire thing and tell me what you think!

Okay, so today in the vlog:

This video on YouTube:

we released the news about my dad finally developing a smart phone app for The De-Articulator that will be available on iOS devices such as the iPhone and the iPad, and eventually Android smart phones. If you didn’t already know, The De-Articulator is an invention he created himself many years ago that basically makes it extremely difficult to talk. In other words it gets you “electronically high” however it is completely safe, extremely funny, and great for parties. My dad has put a lot into this invention:

1. He has spent thousands of dollars on creating multiple different versions of it from booth versions to handheld versions and has been trying to find a way to get it in stores for many years but kept failing due to how much it would cost to make each unit.
2. Patented it many years ago
3. Had it functioning as a coin operated booth in select arcades and restaurants for a while
4. Nearly had it on the Ellen show under the name “The Ellen Degenerator”:

This video on YouTube:

(Note the upload date of that video.) They were literally in contact with Andy from Ellen who really wanted to have it on the show but then he randomly got promoted to Ellens assistant or something and they lost all contact with him.

5. Brought prototypes to multiple conventions including Playlist Live and instantly became the center of attention:

This video on YouTube:


This video on YouTube:
(The De-Articulator also appears in many previous VleraBrite vlogs as well as a GradLife and CTFxC vlog at around 8:03 when we were doing the video shoot for Charles Trippy’s Trampoline dodge ball video:

This video on YouTube:

6. Has won top prize with it in an invention convention.

In the vlog we showed off the app a bit working in it’s current stage of development and my dad is extremely excited to finally be doing something with his invention that he’s been working on for years.

On that vlog there were a few comments pointing us to a Rhett and Link Mythical Christmas Special video:

This video on YouTube:

At about 24:36 in this video they claim they are developing an app that does the same exact thing. This is a concept that they stumbled upon recently in a recent episode of Mythical Mornings and just randomly decided to make it into an app because it happened to be a popular episode, not something that they have been working on and forking all kinds of money into for years like my dad. What exactly do we do in this situation? This is something that my dad has put thousands of dollars and hours into for many years struggling to get it going in the right direction since before I was even able to walk and talk. This thing is his baby! He also has ALL KINDS OF ideas for the app and has been working on it with a developer NON STOP. It’s going to be absolutely epic! We love Rhett and Link and have been subscribed to them from the beginning, but if they make an app that does the same exact thing as my dads app that’s just not fair. There is no chance for my dads app to even come close to competing with theirs and their fan base no matter how many extra features it may have. I want to be clear we aren’t mad at Rhett and Link, they simply are misinformed and have no idea that my dad was the first to invent this, has a patent on it, and has been developing an app for it as well, that is why they need to be informed about this somehow as soon as possible! However, we have no way of contacting them.

I haven’t talked to my dad about it yet… but I may have a solutions to this. Since my dads app is pretty much completed, he owns the patent for it, etc. and Rhett and Link have already promoted the crap out of the fact that they are creating an app as well, what if they all worked out a deal where Rhett and Link own a percentage of the De-Articulator and earn part of the money that comes in from the app for promoting it in their videos. That way they can continue promoting and using it in their videos as usual, tell everyone they chose to name it “The De-Articulator” (since they clearly stated they haven’t officially named their app yet), and they won’t even have to mention my dad or anything about anything in this post. No legal problems, no competing, my dad will be able to see his invention that he created himself finally be successful, and we will all simply be working together to make the app awesome. Once again, we don’t have any way to contact Rhett or Link directly in a way that they will actually see any time soon, so we might need your help to get their attention for that to work. Maybe using the share buttons on the side of this post will help get their attention! Not sure what my dad will think about it (He’s sleeping, I will bring it up to him in the morning), but does that sound reasonable? All I know is competing with Rhett and Link is definitely not the answer. Any other suggestions? Share this post / tell us what you think in the comments and we will have a discussion about it!

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Thanks for your continued support and happy holidays everyone!