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A screen cap of our channel with the new "Popular" channels widget. Notice how we have under 1,000,000 subscribers.

Concerning YouTube One Feature: “Related” and “Popular” Widget

I discovered something very concerning about one of the new features in the new YouTube One design.
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Playlist Live 2013 Pranks

Playlist Live 2013 – PRANKS! (Spy Glasses, Awkward Elevator, Fake Lenses, and Name Tags)

This video on YouTube: If you haven't checked out this spy glasses prank video from Playlist LIVE 2013 you are ...
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The De-Articulator App vs Rhett and Link Speech Jammer App

Rhett and Link’s “Speech Jammer” App and Don Monopoli’s “The De-Articulator” iPhone Apps

Hey everyone, DJ here. We are in need of some suggestions about a little predicament my dad is in regarding his awesome invention "The ...
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HostGator Coupon Code Save 25% Off

HostGator Coupon Code – Save 25% On Host Gator Hosting

As you may know we use HostGator to host our many websites. We would highly recommend HostGator for all of your hosting needs. Their service ...
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Sony Vegas Pro 12 - New Features Tutorial & Review (VEGAS PRO 12 GIVEAWAY)

Sony Vegas Pro 12 – New Features Tutorial & Review (VEGAS PRO 12 GIVEAWAY) We have used Sony Vegas Pro to edit all of our TeraBrite and VleraBrite videos. We go over some of ...
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Never Make Eye Contact While Eating a Banana

Never Make Eye Contact While Eating a Banana Kali read something on Facebook that said "Never make eye contact while eating a banana" and she ...
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Is Myspace Making a Comeback? Check Out the New Myspace: Is Myspace making a comeback? You can check out the new Myspace at:
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Like a Princess Viral Hit by Double Take Girls

‘Like A Princess’ Another Viral Double Take Hit Single?

Double Take AKA the "Hot Problems girls" are at it again with yet another masterpiece (video below), except this time they are uploading it on ...
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What Tech Does TeraBrite Use for YouTube?

httpv:// We are on the latest LockerGnome video explaining our tech choices! We have been ...
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Safe & Sound, The Champ, and, Where Have You Been Now on iTunes!

Check the description of these videos for a direct link to get them on iTunes! Safe & Sound: The Champ: ...
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