TeraBrite was formed around May 2009 when D.J. Monopoli and Sabrina Abu-Obeid decided to throw down a few tracks and record something that they would personally listen to. They tried mixing heavy music with female vocals in a fashion that they have yet to hear. After finishing, they jokingly made a MySpace page with their song on it and the band name TeraBrite, told some friends to go check it out, and word spread quickly. After noticing the recognition of their song, Sabrina and D.J. realized it was not a joke anymore and decided to continue writing music. TeraBrite is now in the process of writing music and will continue doing so with the same mindset that they had with their first song. They are also attempting to implement an element of technology into their recordings to enhance the overall feel of their music.


TeraBrite started watching daily vlogs by the SHAYTARDS on YouTube and one day Shay Carl asked his viewers to make intros for the vlog. DJ and Sabrina jumped right on it and made one for fun as their first music video to upload to YouTube. Shortly after uploading, Shay used the intro and immediately TeraBrite’s YouTube channel was booming with activity. They then realized where they wanted to be and where a bright future would begin, on YouTube. Intro requests for other YouTuber’s started flowing in from the viewers and that is how the constant intro making by TeraBrite began. Until they run out of intros, TeraBrite will continue to release themes for YouTubers and write their album in the background, while releasing album song music videos every so often.


VleraBrite (TeraBrite Vlogs) premiered on January 1, 2011. Prior to VleraBrite,  vlogs were on Sabrina’s personal YouTube channel due to numerous requests. DJ started to appear in the vlogs more and one day he made up VLing. Any object that has significance to the vlog can have all the way up to the first vowel sound replaced with a VL. Ex. TeraBrite VL’d is VLeraBrite. They then decided they would VL TeraBrite and start daily vlogs called VleraBrite where they could show viewers behind the scenes of their music career on TeraBrite. Behind the scenes doesn’t only include the music writing, recording, filming and editing as some people may think. It includes everything Sabrina and DJ do in their life from family visits to learning life lessons. There New Year’s resolution was to vlog for a year straight. They have yet to miss a day. SUBSCRIBE to VleraBrite to be the first to hear about what’s coming up on TeraBrite and watch the process of how DJ and Sabrina produce music and videos.